Saturday, March 27, 2021

When Your Sewing Machine Misbehaves

 I am often asked about problems with sewing machines.  People will suddenly find their machine jams or skips stitches.  I talk them through some of the obvious problems, such as unthreading and rethreading the machine--the sewing machine equivalent of "have you tried restarting the computer?"--but sometimes the problem is something more.

What we all need  is a reference guide to common machine problems that can lead us though the troubleshooting process.  Well, I found one!  Sewing Machine Problems and How to Solve Them is a convenient ebook that will help you avoid a trip to the repair shop.  Spend more quality time sewing and less time troubleshooting problems.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Wooden Yarn Bowl: Perfect Gift


If you want to surprise someone who is an avid crocheter or knitter, you should look at this wooden yarn bowl from Ravel.  While you could find a yarn bowl at a big craft store, it would not compare to this beauty.  It is crafted from a single piece of wood--no joins/weak spots.  As a bonus, this polished wooden yarn bowl also comes with two luxury rosewood crochet hooks.

A yarn bowl is ideal for keeping balls of yarn from rolling around.  Grooves and holes help keep strands separated for color work, too.  

Monday, December 7, 2020

Copying an Earloop Bandanna


For when your tyrannical government requires you to be faceless

I believe masks are part of the PsyOp being fought against all of us as dark powers seek to consolidate their control.  The virus is an opportunity for them to accelerate their goal of communism worldwide.  However, there are times I choose to wear a muzzle in order to blend in as I fight against the communists--it is harder to fight them if I end up in a cage for defying their mindless, unscientific, and unconstitutional "executive orders."

I began with a purchased covering given to me by my sister.  I made a paper pattern for the curved top and cut a square bandanna from the discount store.  The bottom edge makes use of the already-hemmed edges of the bandanna.  The back seam is sewn first.

Next I hemmed the front top edge and used narrow double-fold bias tape around the side and back, curving around for the ear loops.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Patriotic Wall Art You Can Make Yourself

 Diamond Art Painter is a small business offering easy to use kits for creating 3-D wall art.  Check out their patriotic-themed collections.  Designs honor first responders, military service, the U.S flag, and much more.  It looks like a fun craft and the kits include everything you need.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Recommended Source for Surface Pattern Designs

 Crystal Whitlow is a talented designer with a collection of colorful patterns you may license for your own use in a variety of applications.  Tired of looking for the perfect fabric print? She may have just what you are looking for. is her page with links to her blog and helpful articles for crafters of all kinds. is her link on Spoonflower.

Enjoy browsing the seasonal collection for Halloween as well as the general purpose designs.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Fun Crochet Pattern from CrochetViolet

I know many readers enjoy crochet as well as knitting, so this is especially for you.  How about a pattern for a heart-shaped bag with a shoulder strap?  This bag is large enough to hold a wallet, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  Crochet more than one to match your summer outfits.  The pattern is available on Etsy and on Ravelry, for those of you who still have accounts there.  Links are below:

Ravelry link for pattern

Etsy link for pattern

CrochetViolet has other patterns, too, available for instant download.  I know you will enjoy them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Contemplating Some Loom Knitting

I am thinking of combining round loom and flower loom work to create some floral accessories for spring.  I fondly remember those hats and vests I made in the 70s and wore with flared jeans.

Winter, even in the South, makes me crave long days and short nights and flowers.  Time to knit some flowers in anticipation of the real ones to come--soon, I hope.

If you want to try your hand at some yarn flowers, I have written an article with suggestions.