Saturday, June 9, 2018

Loom Knitting--What's the Big Deal?

Knitting looms are multiplying in the needlework section of all the craft stores.  I always considered them a children's toy (having done my share of spool knitting with my children) and know a loom slows me down compared to my continental knitting on needles.  However, I can see some possible advantages as a knitting teacher:

  1. It might be easier to teach loom knitting, as students are less likely to drop stitches off pegs than needles.  
  2. I think students might have fewer tension problems in the beginning--though I could be wrong.
  3. Looms should eliminate the common beginner knitting problem of adding accidental stitches because the old loop was not dropped after making a new stitch.
I will be testing my hypotheses this fall, as I am committed to teaching beginning loom knitting to homeschooled students in grades 6-12 at two cooperatives.  I might be completely mistaken, but I also might be wildly successful--a risk worth taking!

So I am slowing down a bit and looming samples this summer.  I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Check this out! The Crafty Flutist: Llama / Alpaca hat

Sometimes you find the sweetest things on Ravelry! So glad I can knit AND crochet.  I think my grandchildren might need these next winter:

The Crafty Flutist: Llama / Alpaca hat- Free Crochet Pattern:   One of my friends decided to dress up her baby girl as a llama for her first Halloween.  I was given the task of making her daughter a lla...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Too Busy Knitting to Write!

Having finished Christmas gifts, I started a bunch of projects for the new year, including some of my go-to winter hats.  I can't wait to show you all pictures of another man's sweater (Love Bites from Vampire Knits) and my almost completed Margaret Beaufort (from Tudor Roses) as well as some pattern test garments I'm making for several designers.  Hats, socks, sweaters...I love variety!

I hope you are enjoying your own projects as well. We got an unusual 8 inches of snow here in central NC, so it's a good day for knitting.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sweater for Christmas

Well, here is a reveal of my first sweater knit for a man.  My youngest son actually wears sweaters, so I had a chance to knit a basic, worsted-weight sweater for him.  The yarn is Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn, which is currently my favorite acrylic.  It's a bit lighter than Red Heart, but still substantial--and very soft.

The pattern is free from Lion Brand.

See my projects on Ravelry, too.

I have now cast on a second sweater for Kaleb. This one is a pattern from Vampire Knits.  Look for an update soon.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Gallery of Past Projects: Trip Down Memory Lane

I just wanted to post some pictures for my readers.  A little sampling of my book/TV/movie-related projects follows:

Jughead Hat

Ravenclaw Scarf

Fantastic Beasts Hufflepuff Scarf

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Some Assembly Required

When I first got my copy of  Tudor Roses by Alice and Jade Starmore, I spent weeks just reading it and looking at the pictures.  I mentally knitted several designs before deciding on "Margaret Beaufort."  Don't tell the authors, but I bought some lovely, yet affordable acrylic (Alice just fainted) yarn--Lion Brand's Heartland.  It's soft and the blended colors are nice.  And if I really love this sweater I will go on some day to knit it in authentic wool from islands off the Scottish coast like I am supposed to do.

Having posted this picture, I will now feel some pressure to get to the blocking and sewing.  Not today, but soon.  I will keep y'all posted!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hat to Match Blue Variant Scarf

With leftover yarn from my Blue Variant of the Dr. Who Scarf, I made this hat inspired by the big, slouchy shape of Scotty's hat from the first of the new Star Trek movies.  All the garter stitch in this cuffed slouch hat make it super cozy warm.  I used the gray and two of the blues from my scarf.

Next winter I will dress up my navy blue coat with this Star Trek/Dr. Who combo.