Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jane Austen Knits!

I finally broke down and bought a copy of  The Best of Jane Austen Knits: 27 Regency-Inspired Designs.

There are so many lovely Spencers, shawls, and even men's items that I am hard-pressed to decide what to do first.  I may begin with a baby hat, since I have a new nephew on the way and hopefully an adopted grandchild soon.  Perhaps one of the shawls could be re-engineered as a baby blanket, too.  When I decide, I will let y'all know, O.K.?

Historical information about Jane Austen and the Regency period is interspersed with excellent photographs, charts,and patterns for period-inspired garments that a modern knitter would wear. 

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Latest Articles on Knitting

I have a few new articles that might interest blog readers:

Really Hideous Knitting is a reminder that just because something can be knit, doesn't mean it should.

In Resources for Serious Technical Knitters I offer some books and sites I have found helpful in taking my knitting to the next level, and the next...

Finally, I read and reviewed Winter Knitting, an excellent book for lovers of Norwegian or Fair Isle knits.