Monday, January 30, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Susan Bates Sock Set

While browsing at JoAnn with a 40% off coupon, I happened to see something I'd not noticed before:  a package containing sets of 5 sock needles in 4 small sizes, perfect for sock knitting.  I had been needing some smaller needles, since I knit at a relaxed gauge and have trouble getting my stitches small enough for socks.  With my coupon I spent less than $7 for 4 sets of needles in sizes I needed.  I really appreciate that the needles come in sets of 5 instead of the 4 as with most of my other Susan Bates double points.  The needles are color coded 000 (red); 00 (turquoise); 0 (light yellow); and 1 (green) for convenience. I can finally try some sock patterns with all the proper needles sizes to fine tune my gauge, at less than the cost of one set of European needles.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Purple Dress: Epic Fail!

The purple dress is finished and looks great on the hanger.  Unfortunately, I gained weight after I took the measurements and sewed the dress.  I was foolishly confident enough that I did not try on the dress as I sewed AND I did not count on the ease required to get the dress pulled over my head (it has a side placket instead of the usual roomy zipper-up-the-back opening.)  I am glad I used inexpensive fabric.  I almost wish the dress were ugly so that I wouldn't want to wear it, but it is lovely--as it hangs uselessly in the closet, taunting me!

Lesson learned:  No matter how many decades you've been sewing, don't get cocky and think you can skip important steps like trying on a dress in progress.  Now to look for some more purple fabric on sale and cut out the next size up!

BONUS: Links to pattern (most of them free) for making gloves.