Monday, January 16, 2012

Purple Dress: Epic Fail!

The purple dress is finished and looks great on the hanger.  Unfortunately, I gained weight after I took the measurements and sewed the dress.  I was foolishly confident enough that I did not try on the dress as I sewed AND I did not count on the ease required to get the dress pulled over my head (it has a side placket instead of the usual roomy zipper-up-the-back opening.)  I am glad I used inexpensive fabric.  I almost wish the dress were ugly so that I wouldn't want to wear it, but it is lovely--as it hangs uselessly in the closet, taunting me!

Lesson learned:  No matter how many decades you've been sewing, don't get cocky and think you can skip important steps like trying on a dress in progress.  Now to look for some more purple fabric on sale and cut out the next size up!

BONUS: Links to pattern (most of them free) for making gloves.