Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Potter-Inspired Knitting Spree

What happens when you cross a librarian with a knitter?  Me!  I have been thoroughly enjoying Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel.  In reading the Harry Potter books, I naturally identified with Mrs. Weasley: she has 7 children and knits sweaters for them every Christmas.  I have only 6 children and tend to knit scarves and socks rather than sweaters, since North Carolina's climate does not require sweaters as often as the British Isles; still, I think Mrs. Weasley and I could be great friends. 

I have adopted the Harry Potter scarf as my favored carpool/waiting room knitting for this season.  Miles of stripes are simple and calming to the frazzed nerves and unfocused mind.  I am, however, branching out into sweaters as well.  One child has requested Mrs. Weasley's outrageous sweater with the multicolored crocheted ruffle sleeves--and Alison Hansel has generously included an interpretation in her excellent book.  If only my boys liked sweaters, I would love to try the handsome ribbed Quidditch sweater, too.

Check out this article with pattern links.