Saturday, February 8, 2014

Satisfaction: When Your Daughters Wear Your Designs

Yesterday was "Blue and Gold" day at school, and two of my daughters included my handiwork in their outfits. April used my Tubular Striped Cowl (yellow and white, from FiberFrau Book 3) while Kathleen wore my own favorite long and wide seed stitch scarf in alternating wide stripes of navy and gold Caron Simply Soft.

I really enjoy working on my pattern books for several reasons:

  1. Having a book in progress gives me incentive to quickly finish my samples so I will have pictures for my book.
  2. The samples can be worn after they are photographed for the books.
  3. A knitted scarf can be sold only once, and people are rarely willing to pay decently for the time involved.  A pattern, however, can be sold at a very reasonable price and be purchased by an unlimited number of people.
I'd love to hear from any readers who want to publish their own patterns or have already published.  Just add a comment and I'll get back to you.