Saturday, March 8, 2014

Next Project: Dr. Who?

Now that I have made TARDIS scarves for four people, my Whoovian daughter has asked,"Could you make me one of the really long scarves?" Could I? Of course; I am perfectly capable of making 8 to 12 feet of garter stitch!

I found the absolute best site on the various scarves.  Tara Carstensen has studied the scarves extensively, even touching some of them, so her patterns are as authentic as they can get.  She even has a page giving the closest Pantone colors to the real scarves.  I chose the Season 12 pattern.

Since North Carolina got a freak March snow/ice/sleet/slush event yesterday, I went to my stash (no Pantone color matching for me--this is an opportunity to use up my bits and pieces) and pulled the (mostly) correct colors.  I will need to get some olive, but I had the other colors in my closet.

I plan  to work "both ends against the middle" as my Granny used to say.  I figure the ends are the most visible parts of a scarf.  If I get to the middle and run out of a color, I can vary the pattern a little with no harm done.  Plus, working it in one piece would mean the scarf became non-portable after a while.  I'll worry about grafting in garter stitch when the time comes to jon the two pieces.

I am grateful to have kids who actually want to wear things I knit or sew!  Please let me know in the comments if you have ever tackled a Dr. Who scarf.