Thursday, August 14, 2014

Create a Designer's Idea Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are most often used to help us remember important events in life. The clippings and pictures in a scrapbook help prompt the memory. Home fashion designers can use a scrapbook to store ideas and inspiration. Just as an artist quickly sketches ideas as they come to mind, the designer can put reminders of ideas on paper for future reference. Here are some of the possibilities for starting a design scrapbook.

Keep swatches of fabrics in your scrapbook. If you have a large fabric inventory, you might forget about the blue batik or the black silk in your stash. Write the yardage next to the swatch, so you know if you have enough for a blouse or an entire dress. Paint chips can be helpful, too. Include a card of paint chips with an interesting color combination.
Recycle sales flyers and catalogs by cutting out pictures of appealing designs. An interesting collar or pocket, an unusual ornament, or a fine example of heirloom sewing may inspire you when you design next year's graduation dress. If you see something inspirational in a magazine that is not yours to clip, just sketch the design on any available paper and make notes about color, fabric, and other important details.
Play with color by doodling in various color combinations. Make photocopies of a sketch and color the copies in different colors before deciding on a final color scheme. Sketch entire outfits or just a sleeve idea. The point of the scrapbook is to leave a visual record of ideas you find intriguing.
Maintaining a Scrapbook
While many people will tear a page from a catalog or jot an idea on a scrap of paper, those snippets are easily lost. Small scraps of inspiration are more accessible when bound into a scrapbook. A method the author has found useful is to have a sturdy pocket folder for collecting clippings and swatches. Spend an hour or two every few weeks placing the scraps into an inexpensive, spiral bound sketchbook. Be sure to jot a few notes as you glue pictures and swatches in place, e.g. "ideas for Jane's prom dress" or "try this pattern in black lace."

A design scrapbook can be useful for quilters or home decorators as well as those who sew their own clothing. Not only is the scrapbook helpful; it is also just plain fun! Look through the scrapbook on a rainy afternoon and dream of projects to come.