Sunday, September 28, 2014

Testing New Yarn Again

Gifts for Joggers and Dog Walkers

As soon as autumn begins, it is time to take stock of warm winter accessories and quickly knit anything that is lacking.  Although we have lots of hats in our coat closet, I noticed some new yarn at Wal-Mart (Red Heart Reflective) and JoAnn (Heads Up.)  It would have been hard not to notice, as these yarns are designed for visibility, either through light colors or through the addition of a reflective metallic thread to the yarn.  So, I decided we needed new hats for evening outdoor safety.  As a bonus, the Heads Up yarn is so soft it is incredibly soothing to knit with it.

My detailed reviews of both yarns are now on Hubpages. I was able to get a complete adult hat in 2 by 2 ribbing on size 9 needles and still have some yarn left for a pom pom or possibly some wristbands for more visibility.