Friday, April 17, 2015

Awesome Book Alert! The Only Wardrobe Book You Need

As a woman past the half-century mark, I wondered what a young costume designer could teach me about clothing.  I grew up in 4-H, learning to sew, press, purchase, and judge clothing, after all.  I have also worked on stage costumes, historical costumes, and even bridal alterations.  I must apologize for my doubts--this young designer has tricks I still needed to learn!

The fact is, clothing is a business in which there is always more to learn--always a technique yet to be discovered.  Fortunately, those who enjoy clothing are not stingy with their "secrets." Alison Freer offers valuable advice about fit to a generation that may have never had anything altered before. She shares important tips for proper storage and wardrobe maintenance.  Some of her fast fixes and emergency stain removal tips might save you far more than the price of the book!

There is so much information in this one book, but I must point out my favorite feature: the information about underwear.  Freer dares to point out that shapewear just does not work.  As those of us in the bridal industry have always known, fat squished in one place must poke out somewhere else.  Instead of radical restructuring of the body, Freer suggests sensible coverage, correct fit, and--are you ready young ladies?--slips!!  Yes, girls, your clothes would look much cuter and just as contemporary if you got yourselves some good old-fashioned underwear.  There was a reason proper ladies used to wear slips and full-coverage panties (and many of us still do.)  They were more beautiful with a good foundation.

I cannot possibly convey the enormity of my enthusiasm for this book.  In a crowded field of "how to dress" books, this one book can replace them all. Common sense meets fashion.  It's about time!

I received a free review copy of How to Get Dressed through Blogging for Books.  I plan to buy copies for some young ladies in my life and suggest you do the same.