Thursday, September 15, 2011

Progress on Purple Dress

The Purple Shirtdress is cut out and sewing has begun.  On a trip to Wal-Mart for milk, I also happened upon a bolt of pink georgette for $5.  Yes, it is thin and polyester, but for $5 I can afford to resurrect some patterns that have been sitting idle since the eighties--and try a few new ones.  The resulting garments will be pink, so I am bound to wear them sometime!

Yes, I am ADD.  I like to have several sewing projects, several knitting projects, and a half dozen books in progress at any given moment.  I flit from book to project to project to book........and back to the Purple Shirtdress.  I chose to make the view with the pleated skirt, pointed collar, and 3/4 sleeves with band.  I have a lovely photo of my croquis, which is trapped inside the digital camera until I can enlist a child to help me get it on the computer.