Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Scarf Knitting: Playing with Color

Those who have read my post on the Blue Variant of the Doctor Who scarf  might be interested to know there are enthusiastic scarf knitters creating variants of the famous time lord's scarves all the time.  On the Facebook group Stitches in Time one member has created variants based on the Hogwarts house colors from Harry Potter.  When I saw the black and yellow/gold variant for Hufflepuff, I knew I had to knit one.  Purdue (my alma mater) is having an excellent basketball season and I want a new scarf that celebrates their colors.  

Of course, buying the yarn is half the fun:

I encourage those of you on Facebook to visit the Stitches in Time group and join. You don't need to be a Doctor Who fan--just an enthusiastic crafter! Almost every day someone posts a completed scarf picture, a question, or a tutorial.  Always be learning!  And always have fun!